Our young plants in growtrays’ is the place for you to be if you are looking for a wide range of conifers and ornamental shrubs. We have them in large quantities, and they are marketable almost all year round. We can deliver these young plants in P7, P9 or P10,5 pots. The size depends on the type of plant.

For you and us, quality has priority.
We live up to that standard by pruning our full range of plants several times in order to get them compact and bushy.

The young plants are well rooted. Plants delivered are without moss and weeds.

The wide range of young plants offered by ‘Our young plants in growtrays’ are suitable for planting, for further growth in larger containers, for  mail-order firms, and for parcel post companies.

And …  last but not least, delivering our young plants in growtrays reduces manual labour. This way you can cut labour costs by roughly 10 percent.

Are you interested? Convinced?
Please contact Anton of Chiel for further details.

They are more than willing to have a look at what you need, and keep their customers satisfied.

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